Q: What are the steps to getting my licence?
A: Most students follow these steps to getting licenced for the road:
  1. Take the G1 written test from DriveTest in the Churchill Plaza.
  2. Take the Beginner Driver Course at Howson Driving School.
  3. Practice, practice, practice.
  4. Take the G2 road test from DriveTest. This can be done as early as 8 months from the time you got your G1.
  5. Practice, practice, practice.
  6. Take the G road test from DriveTest. This can be done as early as 12 months from the time you got your G2.
Q: Do I need my G1 before starting the classroom?
A: No. Most students do get their G1 before starting the course, however, some students choose to take the classroom and do the G1 test afterwards. You must have your G1 within 6 weeks of finishing the classroom and before going for an in-car lesson.
Q: How old do I have to be to start the Beginner Driver course?
A: You can start when you are 15, but you must be no more than 1 month from becoming 16.
Q: What do I need to bring to the first day of the classroom?
A: Just yourself! A course manual, pens and course materials are provided. You should bring your G1 license if you have one.
Q: Do I need to have insurance to take the beginner driver course?
A: No. Howson Driving School is required to have all the proper licences and insurance for students to operate our vehicles.
Q: Do I take my driving test at Howson Driving School?
A: No. Testing is done through DriveTest in the Churchill Plaza. Howson Driving School prepares you for the test and many students do use the Howson Driving School training car to attemp their test. The training car can be arranged by calling Howson Driving School. 
Q: When can I take the G2 road test?
A: You can take the G2 road test 8 months after obtaining your G1 if you completed the Beginner Driver course. If you do not take the Beginner Driver course, you will have to wait a full year before taking the G2 road test.
Q: Can I just take some in-car lessons to prepare for a road test and not do the classroom part?
A: Yes. However, this option will not qualify you for any possible insurance discounts. Also you must have had a G1 for at least 12 months if using this method.
Q: Do I get a discount on car insurance by taking the beginner driver course? How does this work?
A: Yes. In most cases, you are elgible. To be sure, contact your insurance company. Discounts vary between companies. Your insurance company will request your Drivers Licence History Report from Service Ontario to apply a discount.
Q: Who books my road tests?
A: If you are using the Howson Driving School training car for your road test, we make the appointment for you. If you are using your own car, you can book the test by calling at 1 888 570 6110 or click here to book online.
Q: Where will I get picked up for my in-car lessons?
A: In city limits, you can be picked up and dropped off at home, school or work.
Q: Who teaches the in-car lessons?
A: We have serveral certified instructors, all with many years of experience who work full time at Howson Driving School and are upgraded on an annual basis.
Q: Who teaches the classroom?
A: Classroom instruction is taught by our most experienced instructors, who strive to create a positive and entertaining environment in the classroom.
For more information on road tests, see the Frequently Asked Questions from .