Corporate Courses

Collision Prevention and Defensive Driving
This is a one day course which improves Defensive Driving skills. We evaluate students Defensive Driving abilities and emphasize the need for Collision Prevention using proven driving techniques. This course is used by a variety of business and government agencies as a means of reducing the chance of collision within the organization.
Consulting Services
Our consulting services are designed to help fleet managers and safety supervisors analyze their drivers, prepare safety plans, reduce collisions and improve maintenance while lowering overall costs.
Some of the consulting services designed to assist your business or organization include:
  • Fleet upgrading
  • Collision reduction and prevention
  • Cost efficiency
  • Vehicle appraisals
  • Traffic safety reports
  • Research
Corporate and Experienced Driver Upgrading and Analysis
This service is designed to help hone existing driver skills. We provide students with feedback to assist them to become better drivers. The thrust in this course is towards collision prevention.
The upgrading is broken into three levels, each of which is usually taken one or two years apart. This system is a longer term training plan which will eventually pay dividends to the drivers and corporate clients in reduced accident costs.
Level 1: Five hours total (four hours in class and one hour driving evaluation)
Level 2: Four hours total (two hours in class and two hours driving upgrade)
Level 3: Four hours total (two hours in class and two hours driving upgrade [individual])
Problems are identified in Level 1, and time is spent in levels 2 and 3 improving skills and working on problems identified in level 1. Students in level 3 must pass a rigorous defensive driving test involving highway and city driving situations.